Green Philosophy

Nature is a living organism and we (homo sapiens) are part of it. Therefore, we avoid toxic chemicals and use natural products. For example, the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is a powerful insecticide and stinging nettles can be used to make a powerful fertiliser. This approach is not only beneficial to nature but also in the financial and health interest of our customers because it saves money and does not cause negative side-effects in the long run. For instance, the widely used weed-killer “Glyphosate” has been linked to cancer and even DNA damage. Scientific references are listed below. Many natural products are freely available and completely save to use. Know how is the key.

The world according to Monsanto (Documentary)

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Glyphosate (a chemical used most weed-killers)

For more information on the demonstrably detrimental effects of Glyphosate (the primary active chemical principle in Monsanto’s Roundup and other weed-killers) see the following presentation by Dr. Seneff: Glyphosate: The “Safe” Herbicide that’s Making Us All Sick https:// Interview with Dr. Seneff: The Health Dangers of Roundup Herbicide. URL: Dr. Seneff provides further information on her official website. URL:

Here are additional links to pertinent scientific publications: Glyphosate-based herbicdes are toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines. URL:

  • Glyphosate-based pesticides affect cell cycle regulation. URL:
  • Pesticide Roundup provokes cell division dysfunction at the level of CDK1/cyclin B activation. URL:
  • Time- and dose-dependent effects of roundup on human embryonic and placental cells. URL:
  • A glyphosate-based herbicide induces necrosis and apoptosis in mature rat testicular cells in vitro, and testosterone decrease at lower levels. URL:
  • Differential Effects of Glyphosate and Roundup on Human Placental Cells and Aromatase URL:
  • Formulated Glyphosate Activates the DNA-Response Checkpoint of the Cell Cycle Leading to the Prevention of G2/M Transition URL:
  • Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance URL:
  • Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases III: Manganese, neurological diseases, and associated pathologies URL:

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